Name: Jose Luis Lopez Jutzuy

Date of Birth: 4/11/2000

Gender: Male

Grade: 8th

Jose Luis arrived at Rehoboth displaying signs of physical abuse and chronic malnutrition. Luis’ parents are very poor and both are alcoholics. They beat Jose Luis often with a rope and planks of wood.  The court removed him from his home and he placed him under our protection. It is hard to get him to talk to us about his family and we don’t know if he has any siblings. On May 2009 we were granted permanent custody of Luis. He has been with us now for almost 5 years. His father passed away this year 2014 due to alcoholism.


We took him to two doctors and gave him special vitamins for malnutrition, milk and nutritional food. He is now a very healthy. Luis is a happy child who loves to play soccer and is very good at art. He relates well with others and usually completes his chores and homework without protest. He is doing well in school this year.

Location: Rehoboth Orphanage


Country: Guatemala

Region: Chimaltenango

About Rehoboth

Rehoboth Children’s Home is located in the town of Chimaltenango, located 35 miles west of Guatemala City. Rehoboth is home to boys and girls between two and 18 years old.  The name of the home is based on Genesis 26:22. In this passage, Isaac had dug two wells in the new land and those around him quarreled with him, saying it was theirs.  Once he had dug the third well, no one quarreled over it and he  named it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the Lord is given us Room and will flourish in the land.” This means a lot to the children of Rehoboth; it reminds them that though their parents and others have abandoned them, God has made room for them. Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America; your sponsorship will help this child.

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