Name: Miguel Angel Sol Alvarado

Date of Birth: 6/5/1992

Gender: Male

School: English School

Miguel was brought to Rehoboth on April 24, 2001 directly from a hospital.  He had been hospitalized due to severe burns that were inflicted on him by his mother.  Miguel had been living on the streets with his alcoholic mother, and had received many beatings during his life. There are scars all over his body from these beatings.

Miguel has six siblings: 3 brothers and 3 sisters. They all have different fathers. Miguel and his younger brother Silvestre both live at Rehoboth. His other younger brother, Martin, was living at Rehoboth but passed away due to brain tumors. We do not know the whereabouts of the oldest brother. His sisters are presently living at Lilly of the Valley Girls’ Home.

Miguel is a very kind and intelligent person. He wants to go to the university and has decided to take a year to work and decide what career he wants to study. He loves soccer and electronic games.

Location: Rehoboth Orphanage


Country: Guatemala

Region: Chimaltenango

About Rehoboth

Rehoboth Children’s Home is located in the town of Chimaltenango, located 35 miles west of Guatemala City. Rehoboth is home to boys and girls between two and 18 years old.  The name of the home is based on Genesis 26:22. In this passage, Isaac had dug two wells in the new land and those around him quarreled with him, saying it was theirs.  Once he had dug the third well, no one quarreled over it and he  named it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the Lord is given us Room and will flourish in the land.” This means a lot to the children of Rehoboth; it reminds them that though their parents and others have abandoned them, God has made room for them. Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America; your sponsorship will help this child.

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