Name: Teresa

Date of Birth: 6/11/2013

Gender: Female



Teresa was originally placed in another home. The previous home, however, decided they did not want to care for Teresa and returned her to the judge. The judge then placed her in our home. When she came to our home, her head had a dent because she was always left lying down in a crib at her previous home. She was also never fed solid foods; instead, she was only fed with a bottle. She would not move when she first came to us. She was removed from her mother’s care because her mother allowed Teresa’s grandfather to sexually abuse her. Teresa suffers from hydrocephalus- otherwise known as, water in the brain. Her disorder can only be treated by a neurosurgeon.



Arrival Date:


Location: God Bless The Children Home

Country: Guatemala

Region: Guatemala City

About God Bless The Children

God Bless the Children is located in Guatemala City and is home to children aged 0-6.  The founder of the home is  Cinthya Vallejo, a Christian Guatemalan attorney who has been placing neglected and abandoned children in foster homes since  2004.  As foster care is no longer authorized by the government, the home was founded in 2010. Children are placed in the home by the Juvenile Courts from various regions of the country and come from abuse, neglect, and abandonment. At God Bless the Children, they meet the physical, mental, educational and spiritual needs of each child, by giving them a family model where they receive love and Christian principles.

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